Railway transportation

Our experience and reliable conventional relationship allow us to arrange fast and high quality full cycle of railway transit.


The advantages of railway freight transit:

1. High carrying capacity, the regularity depends neither on weather conditions, nor on the season.

2. Outsize cargoes for motor transportation are often oversize for railway transportation, which allows to decrease the cost of transportation significantly.

3. It’s profitable to make transportation in the long-base movable trains for long distances and measurement cargos.

4. The opportunity to retrace the carriages on the railways and provide reports.


Kinds of railway transits:

1. package-by-package cargoes with mechanic and manual loading are transported in containers and covered carriages.

2. Outsize and large-tonnage cargoes with crane loading are transported by gondola cars or transporting platforms.

3. Bulk cargoes are transported by specialized movable carriage or gondola cars;

4. The transportation of cars and other specialized cargos is carried out by means of a narrow-purpose wagons;

5. Transportation of goods with a special temperature control is carried out by refrigerator cars.