Container shipping

If the company imports a large quantity of goods over long distances, especially regularly, then the best option would be transporting by freight containers. Container shipping operations are the ideal solution, if the freight is supposed to be delivered by not one means of transport. Because the containers at intermediate points will not be opened, the loading / unloading will take place much faster .

The main Advantages are:

Safety of the cargo as well as the container is sealed at the presence of the client and his representative and unsealed at the place of destination.

Ability to transport a variety of cargos: liquid bulk, dry bulk, collection, dangerous, etc.

Savings in transportation costs and reducing delivery time.

For carrying out the container transportations we provide 20- and 40- foot containers of different shapes and items:

  • Standard (dry freight containers);
  • Venting;
  • Reefer;
  • Tank  containers;
  • Open top (open top);
  • Flatrack containers.