About сompany:

About сompany
UATRANSPORT company was established in 2002. Since the beginning, we have set the main goal - the maximum satisfaction of all the needs and requirements of the customer on delivery. Every day, following its transportation goals we carry all types of ground transportation in the shortest time as by our own transport, so by the transport our partners. In our asset established relationships with customers and proven experience working with carriers (shipping services).

We offer:

  • Trucking (tankers, dump trucks and large trailers, etc.);
  • Container transportation;
  • Train transportation;
  • Delivery of modular cargoes;
  • Full cycle transportation of agricultural products (cereals, vegetables, food processing, etc.);
  • An integrated approach to solving transportation problems.

Our advantages:

  • 9 years of experience in the field of transportation in Ukraine and abroad;
  • The company is insured from cases of complete and partial loss of the goods and any criminal namipy third parties;
  • VAT and income tax on general grounds;
  • Cost optimization for delivery of goods;
  • Any form of payment in any currency.